“Manage4U is not a single star. It has a large network of contacts in industry around the world.”

Manage4U provides management services in different languages, based on years of experience and membership of organizations developing industry standards and guidelines. The expertise Manage4U has gained lies in the field of industrial automation and information technology, two domains quickly merging, driven by initiatives such as Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) and Smart Manufacturing and thanks to the availability of computing power and cheap massive data storage.

Within this market, Manage4U has experience in pre-sales, sales, customer support, marketing and business development.
Management services
Building a prototype of an application with your product, demonstrating this prototype in different languages, further develop the prototype on the basis of feedback from (potential) customers.
Setting up sales in the Benelux, setting up sales channels in the world, negotiating and closing distribution and marketing agreements with large companies.
Establishing a service that provides after-sales support to customers
and / or marketing partners.
Examining a potential market, the positioning of a product in a market, (helping) defining a product or brand name, (helping to) determine the right price for a product ...
The development of the market, both nationally and internationally for your product.
Management services
A management service is fulfilling a function in your company at management level, such that you or your company do not need to actually recruit and employ somebody.

Why would you want to outsource certain management services?
It may be that your company's budget does not allow a full-time employment.
It may be that your company only temporarily needs a particular function, such as during a long-term disability of a manager.
It may be that your company does not find the right person in the job market to fill the position.
Or it may be because your company want to reduce the risks and increase revenue before creating the function.
Manage4U was established in 2001 with the purpose to deliver management, consulting and training services; develop, manage and exploit intellectual property.

Founder of Manage4U is Lieven Dubois. Lieven studied electronic engineer and software engineering in Belgium.

Being a good Belgian he speaks different languages:
Dutch, French, English, German and Italian.

On request
The best way to contact Manage4U is to send an e-mail to info @

Manage4U is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of The Hague under 28090672.

Correspondence should be sent to:
Manage4U BV
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The Netherlands

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