“The most difficult thing in design, engineering and specification is completeness”

Reviewing, correcting and improving what is already there is not so difficult. Detecting the loop holes in a design, the missing steps in a project or a plan, the missing items in a specification document, is much more difficult. In order to avoid oversights, people ask advice from subject matter experts. Manage4U provides you with 35 years of industry, business development and life experience.

“The only thing that never changes is that everything changes”

In an evolving world, indeed everything changes. The original design, plan or specification needs to be audited, based on new insights, standards, good engineering practices. The purpose of control engineering is to control changes and disturbances. Good management practices allow you how to manage changes and disturbances. In an age that Automation Technology and Information Technology are merging, Manage4U holds the competences to use the best of both worlds to improve your business.

Please read on and discover what Manage4U can do for you.
Management Services
Manage4U provides sales, marketing and business development services. It has a history of providing such services in the information and communication technology market. But it might also be a challenge to apply this experience in other markets and domains.

“Congratulations to you Lieven in making UReason the global brand that it is today. This is truly a huge achievement in such a difficult market with competition coming from both specialty products and from the standard SCADA products as well. This is a role very few people could even attempt to fulfil.”

Mike Le Plastrier, former CEO of Wonderware Southern Africa, May 5, 2015

Contact: Management Services @ manage4U.nl

Alarm Management
Manage4U provides services for alarm management. Building on an experience of over 25 years and memberships in ISA 18.2 and 101 committees, Manage4U will assure you of getting the best possible independent advice on your alarm management life cycle.

Manage4U - Alarm management

The blue work processes are the areas where Manage4U can assist you.

Furthermore, as an independent services supplier, Manage4U can advise you in selecting tools for monitoring and assessment, software for advanced logic to suppress alarms, HMI configuration and design (according ISA 101) and tools for alarm and event storage and data mining.

Contact: Alarm Management @ manage4U.nl

Training is an important aspect in both personal as company skill development. Manage4U provides alarm management training as well as awareness workshops. In cooperation with ISA Europe, the IC39c course can be taught at your company or organization.

Training operators and staff on alarm management and how to deal with alarms, is also a key process of the alarm management implementation stage.

Manage4U - Training

Quote from Pieter van de Klooster

Contact: Training @ manage4U.nl

Contact: info@isaeurope.org

Building on experience of over 35 years, Manage4U can provide independent advice in several domains: information and communication technology, alarm management, HMI development and design, sales, marketing, business development, market research, strategy, etc.

The difference between the management services and consultancy is mainly the type of engagement. Consultancy is usually short term and advisory of nature, while a service provision is longer term and of executive nature. For example: reviewing your presentation for a conference or a forum would be a consulting effort; while preparing and providing the presentation on your behalf/for your company at a conference would be a management service.

Manage4U is there to help start-up companies or companies who want to grow their business internationally with good advice.

Contact: Advice @ manage4U.nl
Manage4U was established in 2001 with the purpose to deliver management, consulting and training services; develop, manage and exploit intellectual property and publish books and e-books.

Founder of Manage4U is Lieven Dubois. Lieven studied electronic engineer and software engineering in Belgium. Being a good Belgian he speaks different languages: Dutch, French, English, German and Italian.
The best way to contact Manage4U is to send an e-mail to Manage4U@kpnmail.nl
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